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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sports Luxe

I'm wearing an oversized Obey shirt from the mens section, (anyone else love shopping in the men's sections of the store? It's just so comfy) a pair of Asos black skinny jeans, and my new Nike roshe runs. For jewelry I'm wearing a gold chain from H&M and my grandfathers old black and gold watch.  A nice casual, minimalistic outfit.

Sportswear as fashion has been evolving the past few years into a mayor trend! It's known for it's sleek lines and minimalistic tones. Sneakers aren't just for jogging anymore, now they serve as a perfect finish for any sports vibe outfit. You know when something is in when Karl Lagerfeld sends a bride down the isle in a Chanel dress and beautiful sneakers.

Kaja xx

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