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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


PROOMM was so much fun! I literally danced all night in 5 inch heels ((still have the battle wounds to show for it)) but i have to be honest, I was kind of dreading prom. I felt like it was just going to be another awkward high school experience filled with uncomfortable eye contact and embarrassing dancing, but surprisingly it wasn't! Everyone was dancing to oldies, trap music, salsa, you name it! When the 90's R&B started playing I automatically came on the dance floor doing the cha cha slide and belting destiny child and nelly, truly life changing. 

I have to say though, pre-prom of getting my hair and makeup done was so stressful because I was so late (about an hour and half late) I know, the unspoken rule of fashionably late, but my friends wanted to kill me by the time I met up with them! I really don't know how the stars go to all those fancy events every weekend, must be sooo stressful. 

You can say I was going for unorthodox prom look I guess. I didn't want to have a strapless or sequence dress because I'm pretty sure about 70% of girls wore them. I wanted to look like I was going to the Met or the Oscars, hahah, maybe some day ;-) My makeup was pretty simple with a brown/gray smokey eye and neutral lip, loose curls pushed to one side because my dress (BCBG) had some intense back slits. Accented my dress with a nice necklace from J Crew. All in all, I was pretty happy how everything turned out!! What do you think? It's prom season so I hope everyone has an eventful prom night with lots of dancing and punch, and if you're too old/young for prom, I still wish you a tasty drink of fruit punch and a fabulous dance session :)

-Kaja xx

Sunday, May 17, 2015

New York State of Mind

Outfit Details
Sweater: HM
Jacket: Thrifted
Pants: Zara
Socks: Ebay

While I was walking down NYC busy streets Frank Sinatra's song New York New York was playing in my head the WHOLE time. It was great. Half the time I wanted to start dancing to cabaret music and waving jazz hands. Speaking of cabaret music I watched Chicago!! It amazing. My favorite scene  was cell block tango. All the actors sing so well and their dancing is truly on point. If you have a chance go watch!

There is that unspoken rule that you can't wear white pants before memorial day, but I really wanted to wear some white pants, so I just went all out and wore and all white (creme) outfit. I felt like if I was in NYC, I was going to go all out, so even my socks were creme colored. haha
Hope everyone has a nice up-coming week :)