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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Sunday

Outfit Details
Dress: Zara
Jacket: Italian Boutique
Bag: Jimmy Choo
Lipstick: Mac (Diva)
Shoes: Nine West (Trifted)
Scarf: Serbian Boutique

It's finally spring in Boston! Or it's just an illusion and in two day it's going to start raining, you can really never tell with this New England weather. I swear the sun purposefully comes out for two days reminding you of the beauty of warmth and short sleeves and when you take your spring clothes out form the depths of your closet, the sun disappears laughing at your stupidity. I swear I'm jealous of Californian weather where it's constantly a nice 70 degrees and you have nothing to worry about. 

Today was my Easter! Yay spring yay school is almost out yay easter egg hunts. I usually wear nice clothes for the first 30 minutes of church and then run off after the service to the bathroom and change into sports shorts to run around and play soccer. This year however I decided I was going to be a grown up and not play with the six year olds and wear heels, a dress, AND lipstick. Everyone at church was so shocked to see me act my age haha 

In the name of spring and warm weather I wore a festive white outfit. I paired a Zara dress with a blue scarf, grey petticoat, and some pretty snazzy heels. I have to mention that I bought these heels at a thrift shop for 7 dollars, SEVEN, and they were basically brand new. I was proud all day. But my favorite part of this outfit is my Jimmy Choo bag! I got this bag for christmas and legitimately slept with it for two weeks. It was great. The bag is made out of string-ray leather and is amazingly soft and has awesome detailing. I especially love the color because you can wear it year round. It's definitely super classy and the silver chain strap makes me feel like a queen. I love it. 

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and that spring is quickly coming!

-Kaja xx