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Friday, August 15, 2014

Carry-On Essentials


1.Orbit Gum  2.Vera Bradley Wallet  3.Passport  4.Camera Case  5.Iphone Charger 
 6.Longchamp (Le Pliage) Tote

When I go on long flights these are things I just can't go without. The Longchamp tote is perfect because it can fit all my essentials, but it's also a very cute bag. I go nowhere without an iPhone charger because I don't want my phone to die in case of emergencies! A no brainer is my passport and wallet; I can't get out of the country without these. And GUM!! The only thing that can help when the plane is painfully descending and popping my ears.


1.Books and Magazines  2.iPhone and Headphones  3.Canon  4.Notebook and Highlighters/Pens

On long flights I always need entertainment to pass by the long 8 hour flights. Books and magazines are perfect to catch up on new fashion trends and learn some cool stuff. I can NEVER fall asleep on flights so my iPhone is perfect to listen to music or play some games. A notebook is great to just doodle and chill out. And finally my camera lets me be in that cozy nostalgic mood and look at pics I took before of nature and friends.


1.Comfy/Oversized Sweater  2.Fuzzy Socks

Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. So important for long flights. I like packing a cozy big sweater and some nice fuzzy socks to keep me warm.


1.Allergy Medication 2.Tylenol  3.Carmex Chapstick 4.Deodorant  5.Tissues  6.Small Lotion  7.Braces Elastics  8.Clinique Clutch (to keep everything in)

And finally my beauty products! During the late summer/early fall season my allergies are the worst so I can go nowhere without my allergy medicine. I usually get headaches on flights so tylenol is a must for me. Also on flights the dry air makes my skin/lips really dry so it's nice to have lotion and chap stick close by. No one wants to smell bad so deodorant is a no brainer. Does anyone else hate when people sniffle for like hours on end??? I always bring tissues to either stop my own sniffles or help my fellow passenger and give them a nice tissue! Braces, I hate them, but my orthodontist  always says "WEAR YOUR ELASTICS" so thus I never go anywhere without my hand dandy elastics. And finally my little clutch is to put all thess products in a nice and organized place.

I wish everyone happy travels! I can't wait to go to Serbia and see my family! 
Bon Voyage

Kaja xx

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