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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Suede Coat

Outfit Details
Jacket- Dad's old jacket
Bag- NTC flee market
Pants- Asos
Shirt- Zara
Shoes- Steve Madden
Sun Glasses- Italian street market

Boston under the blanket of snow is absolutely beautiful. How can someone not like snow?! Its soft, pretty, and gives 5 days off of school. Thank you mother nature and your wonderful power of showering us with crystalized water. 

I tapped into my inner cowboy/Indiana Jones for this look. I got so many compliments for my jacket but really I just dug it up from my dad's closet. This jacket is definitely more than 30 years old and yet it's still hip. I also fished this bag out of my closet from like 10 years ago when I bought this at a New York flee market. 

Thank you Boston Public school system for blessing me for yet another snow day tomorrow. You are the real MVP. 

Kaja xx