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Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Day in Belgrade

Outfit Details
Jacket- Vintage
Scarf- Belgrade Boutique
Boots- Doc Martens
Jeans- HM
Bag- Vintage

For February vacation I went to Belgrade to visit family and see friends! I finally had a break from the constant three feet of snow in Boston and the -10 temperature. I was met with a nice 50 degrees and snowless pavements, it was wonderful. 

The bag I'm wearing is my grandmas that I'm completely in love with. She told she bought in Egypt in the 80s in Cairo while she was traveling. The jacket I'm wearing is also a handmedown from my grandma, more like me asking to take it but that's irrelevant haha. She said she bought in Paris during the 60's while she was there on her honeymoon. So basically this is a mixture of my grandmas old clothes and my new ones, the best kind of mix :)  

Kaja xx


  1. so cute..i love the layering effect! X


  2. Very cool boots Kaja! Love your outfit!

  3. Vintage mixed with the latest fashion is always an amazing look! I especially like your flowery doc martens :)
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog girl :)
    xx Livia
    Broadway Nature