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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dior gets it right

Another collection that caught my eye was Dior. The Dior woman, says Simons, is both "exquisitely decorated and disruptive. Simons was influenced by the 1960's house wife and modernized her to fit the 21st century woman. I feel like this collection really captures the essence of the modern woman. We are full of contradictions, classy but strong, serious but easy-going, intellectual but goofy. Simons says, "There is a sense of the romance of the 50's, with the experimentation of the 60s and the liberation of the 70s." He successfully synchronized all these elements into perfect mix of the past meets present meets future. Absolutely breathtaking.

Here are some my favorite looks.

1. Can I please have that coat. Anyone that can make a rain coat look that good is a genius in my book. Amazing. (Btw floral floral floral floral. it's back.)

 2. Cool futuristic take on a casual dress. Love the contrast between the soft and harsh materials.

3. That color is beautiful. Also are GoGo boots back? Dior says yes.

4. Prime example of 60's housewife meets modern rebel. This breathtaking embellished dress is paired with two tattoo sleeves.

4. Even the hair was super cool. It was like a futuristic take on the ponytail.

The Dior show was amazing! Everything fit perfectly together, the shoes, hair, makeup, clothes. Everything.  Modern with a splash from the past. 

What's your favorite look?

-Kaja xx


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day! This collection is truly genius! I love the patent leather thigh highs! They're beyond hot, and give the whole collection an extra bit of oomph!

    Jasmin xx